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Massage Therapy & Energy Work

massback.jpg"NCC have outstanding therapeutic massage therapists.  I have seen several physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, and masseuse over the last several years for chronic back, neck, and hand pain. None have provided the outstanding care and results I receive at NCC. They have the ability to pinpoint areas that are the source of the problem and works with intelligence, confidence, awareness and sensitivity. They have an amazing tactile responsiveness: strong, firm, gentle and intuitive. Their ability to release deep muscle tension while promoting deep, restorative relaxation has had a profound effect on my health. I've experienced tremendous improvement and significant reduction of pain. The massage therapists are caring and compassionate professionals who have a truly healing touch." - Lisa Russell 

"NCC has very special massage therapists with superb techniques and compassion for their patients. I have been seeing them weekly for over two years now and I can easily say that they have made a great difference in my quality of life. Not only have they helped me resolve a chronic upper back/shoulder and neck issue but they have also caught numerous starting injuries and helped resolve them before they became debilitating. I am a 61 year old male that has been extremely active all my life and I continue to work out about 4 times per week. I am religious about stretching and keeping my flexibility but it simply isn't enough. The extra care that NCC have been able to provide has made a huge difference in keeping me injury free.  
       I have had numerous people work on me over the years including many massage therapists. The massage therapists at NCC are unique, however, because of their attention to detail and their methodical progression over an entire affected area. Whenever we identify a tender area, they work the entire area systematically, slowly and with great precision. I love the intensity of their pressure and that they really take the time to release the tension not only in the area that is sensitive but also in any supporting muscles and tendons." - S.P., PhD

"Here are a few sentences about what massage has done to improve my health. I have gotten a massage from NCC about every other week for more than two years now. I have benefited immensely. I have cerebral palsy that limits the mobility of my right side, especially my ankle, hip, and shoulder. NCC have managed to reduce my pain and increase my mobility around each of those joints. That is no small feat, especially since as an intermediate bicyclist I manage to continually re-injury the areas NCC repairs. Nonetheless I feel better and better. And last year with NCC's help, I managed to post a personal best time on the Mt. Washington bicycle climb." - John Miller

"I have seen Rachael a few times now. I wasn't sure what to expect at first since I didn't really know what Shiatsu was. The first time I saw her I was amazed at how in tune she was with my body. All the trouble areas I have had with my body were areas she was giving extra attention to, and I never told her any past history. I was completely relaxed and even dozed off a few times. I felt 100 times better after her one hour massage. I highly recommend Rachael to anyone that hasn't had the opportunity to try Shiatsu." -R.C. Newton 2011

"Divine Intervention was a term that I never heard before. I was not sure what it meant or what it entailed. It was brought to our office by Rachael this past month. Rachael came in and sat down with us and told us what DI was and how it worked. I was extremely interested just five minutes into the conversation. I booked my appointment with her the next week. I am so glad I did; I told Rachael that I had problems in my life with betrayal and would really like to be able to trust again. Rachael and I sat down before my session and pin pointed the best treatment that would get me to where I wanted to be, which ended up being self trust (to be able to trust my instincts again and not second guess myself).  During this treatment I had visions and memories of times when I was hurt and when my trust was broken. It was a very emotional treatment but it brought a lot of memories up that I had pushed away and tried to forget about instead of dealing with.
     I felt amazing after the treatment. I told Rachael what I saw, remembered and realized through this process. It was a great enlightenment to me. She sat down and told me things that she saw, and how it related to my area of concern. There was a lot of questions and doubt in my mind that is now so much clearer. I understand a deeper meaning of why and where these feelings came from, instead of just accepting that this is how I was. I now can look forward to trusting myself and making decisions that are the best for me." -R.C. Newton 2011

"I have had the pleasure of having Christina work on me several times and wish to state that compared to others, she excels as an accomplished massage therapist.  She is the ultimate professional, whose touch is thorough, consistent, and always geared toward giving the client the most pleasurable experience."  - Claire D.

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