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Biggest Winner Challenge Winners!

1st Place Catherine ~ Wellness Quotient Increased by 28 points

"During the information session, what Vicki and Dr. Burke said made me realize that I needed to do more than just eat less of the foods I like (processed), but to eat MORE foods that have a high nutrient density.  The initial testing really woke me up to how much I had let myself go in the athletic department - I had played sports my whole life up until college and I have a very active job, but I realized between not exercising (except at work) and an injury, I was only making things worse.

I had one coaching session with Vicki and we set goals.  I tried the protein powder and I started feeling better with the vegan protein, so I slowly started making changes in my diet.  My skin cleared up and my body was running better than ever.  I also found a goal race and got a friend to do the 'Couch to 5K' with me.  I finished the race just 3 short months later and have also finished a 10K!!  I now regularly run 3 times a week and my overall strength and well-being is better than ever.  

Winning the Challenge meant more than just free massages (my prize!) - it resulted in a changed me, physically in the sense of my conditioning and mentally as in how I look at junk food and think about what it is doing to my body.  Not to say I don't indulge (I make it a point to have something sweet every day) but I have changed what a 'treat' is.  Instead of a massive brownie sundae, it's a vegan cookie or a salad bar at Whole Foods."  

2nd Place Elisabeth ~ Wellness Quotient Increased by 20 points

"For several years I was stressed and had gained some weight.  I had made some attempts to solve those two issues, but always alone and unfortunately with limited success (big efforts not sustainable in the long run and targeting just one issue rather than looking at the whole picture).

The big benefit of this process was the holistic approach to well-being (exercise, food and the psychological aspect).  A success in one area triggered quickly a success in another area...and I was in a virtuous circle!

During the first coaching session I realized that without me granting myself 'me-time' I would not be able to improve my well-being.  I started walking while listening to music.  During one of those walks after dinner, I had a flash realization and suddenly understood why I could not eat reasonably at night.  I worked on the root cause and I now enjoy my dinners more and I have lost weight.  Vicki was great at celebrating success and helping me to set up realistic and measurable monthly goals.  She set the right pace (pushed me when I was reluctant and refrained me a bit when I was too ambitious).  I quickly understood I was in a secure environment and was able to let go of some barriers.  This ability to open up enabled me to make the most of this coaching.  The good news for me is that I am on track and now have 3 more months of coaching with many more victories to achieve!"

3rd Place Carlos ~ Wellness Quotient Increased by 16 points

"The thing that helped me the most about the Biggest Winner Challenge program was the goal setting and the discussions - particularly the discussions.  This coaching helped me keep the focus on achieving my goals."

Whole Body Wellness

woman_drinking_water._jpg_1.JPG"I want to tell you how pleased I have been with my care at Newton Chiropractic Centre over the past several years. Prior to coming here, I was basically told that I needed to have chiropractic care strictly for maintenance because it was unlikely that my back would ever change.  That was clearly not your attitude or approach. Even at my age, (58 years young), I have seen changes and I have adopted a whole new approach to my care. I have combined exercise, bodywork and nutrition, and continue to learn about and try alternative approaches to my health care. I now can sit for longer than 20 minutes at a time and not be crippled when I stand up. That has been a huge difference. In addition, your customized vitamin program has given me an extraordinarily high quality supplement for a reasonable price. I can't remember the last time I was sick. I also am high risk for osteoporosis. My mother has it, my grandmother had it, and I have shown early signs of "osteopenia" on bone density testing. By taking the Osteo Test, which measured my rate of bone loss, I found out that I was on the right track - well within normal range. Now I focus on my daily routine of customized vitamins, calcium (calcerin), exercise, and a healthy diet. It is a pleasure to be with a Health Care Professional who takes a proactive role in prevention. Thank you." - Susan

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