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Advanced Energy Work

What is DI Advanced Energy Work?

DI is an advanced energetic hands-on healing technology from the ancient Mayan Aztec lineage handed down through generations. This healing technique addresses a particular subject or issue: a physical or emotional problem that needs to be resolved or a goal that the person desires to achieve.

Our DI practitioner, Rachael Brandenburg, is a licensed Registered Nurse and has been a practicing Shiatsu and energy-worker since 1992.

Every treatment is different and may feel different. Most people report they find the sessions very relaxing and that they gained insight either by the end of the session or shortly thereafter. Often patients report a noticeable change in their perception and their response to the challenge.

Each DI treatment will be tailored to your needs whether you want to address a long term problem or a more immediate one. Rachael will assist you to identify your focus for the session if needed. Many people have found relief on both emotional and physical issues: insomnia, diabetes, cancer, injuries, sciatica, Lyme's disease, self-esteem, self destructive behaviors, trauma and abuse whether mental or physical, abandonment, closure on a relationship, resentment, anxiety and depression. You can also focus on career, relationships or other goals.

The session is one hour and will help resolve the issue on a core or root level. You will need to leave time at the beginning and end of the session for a consult and feedback.

Our Patients Share;

"My experience with DI is that it is subtle yet very powerful energetic work. Unlike other energy work I have experienced, I was surprised and impressed with the profound and lasting affects of DI. In the sessions with Rachel I felt extremely safe and in expert hands. I highly recommend this work to anyone who is interested in genuine healing, support and transformation." - SH

"I was having a hard time with a situation in my life and it was consuming me. There was a person that was close to me and I discovered that they not only did something behind my back which was very hurtful in many ways. The bigger problem was that I was being "taken over" with the anger towards them. I was dealing practically with the damage that needed to be handled but the constant attention that I could not stop giving it was the bigger problem. I did one DI session and within an hour that constant tape that was running in my head of wanting revenge just stopped. I could get on with my life and the effects of what happened did not continue to run my life and further abuse me." - TSB

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