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Neck Pain

Any treatment of pain in the body starts with making the correct diagnosis. There are numerous causes of neck pain, and arriving at the correct one is the first step. At Newton Chiropractic & Wellness Centre, we have been serving the citizens of Newton Upper Falls, MA, for many years. Read on to learn more about what causes neck pain and how we treat it.


Common Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain can present in many different ways, and the presentation of the pain goes a long way toward making the right diagnosis. Often with neck pain, it presents with a headache, trouble moving the head, muscle tightness, and even spasms. These signal several neck problems including:

  • Muscle Strains: Overuse of the muscles in the neck is a common cause of neck pain. People who spend a lot of time on the computer, looking at a phone, or even reading can develop strains and the muscles of the neck. As the muscles tighten up, the pain will start to set in.
  • Compression of the Nerves: Countless nerves run through the neck. These nerves typically start in the spinal cord. A herniated disc or a bone spur that is present in the spine can place a lot of pressure on these nerves. These nerves can start to misfire and manifest as pain in the neck.
  • Whiplash: Whiplash is one of the most common causes of neck pain. When someone is involved in a motor vehicle accident, their neck will move back and forth quickly, placing a lot of stress on the cervical ligaments in the spine. When these ligaments are stretched, this manifests as neck stiffness and pain.

Anyone who has neck pain deserves to have access to a comprehensive treatment plan that will target the root cause of their pain.

Neck Pain Relief in Newton Upper Falls, MA

Those who are looking for neck pain relief should contact Newton Chiropractic & Wellness Centre today. Call us at (617) 964-3332 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our chiropractor. 

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