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Health And Nutrition

We all want to achieve good health, maintain a well-functioning body, and be free of disease well into our senior years.  But while a healthy lifestyle is within reach for all of us, it can be difficult to know what choices to make in support of our goal.  We are bombarded with misinformation and hype about what is and isn't "good for us", and recommended dietary, exercise and other therapeutic guidelines seem to change from one day to the next.  So what can we do?
At Newton Chiropractic & Wellness Centre, all our staff are interested in helping you to live a healthier lifestyle.  On an on-going basis, your doctor or massage therapist might make recommendations for lifestyle changes, exercise or nutritional supplements to assist you to achieve your goals.
Detoxification is also a vital tool to improve your quality of life.
While all these subjects are more fully addressed through our Creating Wellness Programs and Services, including Nutritional Detoxification Programs, there are some actions that can be done independently to get you moving on the right track:
For a quick nutritional snapshot - check out the data on our Antioxidant Scanner.
For a relaxing detox experience - check out the data on our Ionic Detox Footbath.





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