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Emotional Health

"When I first came in to NCWC, I was feeling a lot of pain in general. The entire course of my treatment paralleled some major life events - professional achievements and a decision to relocate my business to the Southwest. I felt that NCWC played a major role in this transition/healing process as I realized that I was able to release negative blocked emotions and toxins." - Anonymous

sad_girl_1.jpg"I did experience some severe pain from sciatica, which got worse before it got better and I was very discouraged. Julie helped me hold the course and I have come to accept and realize that experiencing pain is sometimes part of the healing process.I have a very holistic approach to my health and wellness - therapy, acupuncture, exercise, naturopathic medicine, etc. I really feel that NCC "strengthened" me from the inside out, and helped me to build a more healthy lifestyle." - Deborah K.

"In April a friend of mine told me about Dr. Coleman. My daughter had problems at 9 years old with her bladder and bowels. My son was born with a clubfoot and after surgery still wasn't able to walk. My daughter has not been able to go and spend the night with her girlfriends and family or stay away from home for long periods of time because of her bladder and bowel problems. We have been seeing a urologist since she was 5 and is on 3 different medications but she still has a lot of problems. Dr. Coleman has been adjusting her and she is having less and less problems at night and none during the day.  My son has had one surgery and is scheduled for one more. He has had some problems with learning to walk and move in general. Since Dr. Coleman has been adjusting him, he has learned to walk and you wouldn't believe how quickly he gets around now. My children are getting healthier and happier. I am amazed!" - Anonymous

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