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Increased Energy

"Since beginning treatment at Newton Chiropractic, I experienced a phenomenal increase in mental energy, clarity, stamina and creativity, as well as an increase in physical stamina.  I have better posture and fewer aches and pains after running.  I have improved strength during stressful times and better emotional stability.  My susceptibility to illness has decreased.  I have a more positive outlook on most everything. I feel less anger and fear in stressful situations and have a sharper perception for color and beauty.  I feel less like a victim and I am more spontaneous and outgoing; better humor and more confidence!" - Paul C.

Senior_couple_vitality_1.JPG"When I first came to Newton Chiropractic Centre and Dr. Burke about 10 weeks ago, I had been suffering from a neck injury for 18 months. I had fallen on my stairs and wrenched C1 and C2. I was suffering from headaches, anxiety and equilibrium problems. I had been to many doctors over the past 18 months seeking help but Western medicine could not do anything for me except write a prescription for the headaches, dizziness and anxiety. This was not acceptable to me so I kept looking for help.
       When I came to Dr. Burke she explained to me why I was feeling the way I was and it helped so much to have all of my symptoms validated. I was seeing another chiropractor for my neck injury but was getting discouraged because my neck always went back the way it was soon after I was adjusted. I decided to look into Network Spinal Analysis because I wanted my body to learn how to heal itself with the gentle guidance that Network Spinal Analysis offers. I am gradually getting better through NSA. My neck is not as tight as it used to be and I do not have as many headaches as I used to. My equilibrium has been much better. The last hold out is the anxiety but even with that I have better days in a row than bad.
       Dr. Burke explained to me up front that it would take time for me to get better. Even at my 8-week re-analysis she said we still have a lot of work to do. It is disappointing to hear but I know I am on the road to recovery (even if it may be a long journey). Dr. Burke is very honest and candid and this helps a lot. I am often sore in my lower back after an adjustment but Dr. Burke can usually predict it and forewarn me.It is surprising that such a gentle touch can help so much. There have been powerful moments in the office when my whole spine responds to her touch. I have a lot more energy that I used to (constant headaches are draining!) and am sleeping better now that my anxiety is not as bad as it used to be." - Margaret W.

"I have been receiving treatment by Dr. Coleman for 6 months and can not believe the results. I can work out harder than I ever have before and do not have to worry about re-injuring myself. My energy level is much better, the hot flashes have all but stopped, my sinus and neck problems are much better. I still come in every two weeks to stay this way. I cannot believe the results that I have achieved while following Dr. Coleman's suggestions. I have since had my husband and son into the office and they are doing great as well."  -Stacey

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