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Improved Posture

"I came to Newton Chiropractic Centre after 10+ years of chronic pain due to an injury from an irresponsible chiropractor. The doctors here both helped me overcome my fear and provide me with pain relief that had previously only been achieved with high does of narcotics. I am now achieving greater mobility in my spine, have a daily pain level that average 2 -3 out of 10 (versus 8 or 9) and rarely require Advil, never mind the prescription pain killers. I've additionally achieved unexpected emotional benefits from the release of grief and pain held onto for decades." - Kelly Q.

Woman_in_balance_1.jpg"Some life changes that have happened since starting chiropractic care - I "naturally" stand up straight most of the time and carry myself differently than before - someone said I had the posture of a dancer, which is a big change for me. I feel generally healthier and get fewer colds. Definitely making the time in a busy schedule was a challenge. I have had periods of discomfort (where I couldn't turn my head fully) that have resolved themselves. I suddenly realize "Oh - that doesn't hurt anymore! One of the unexpected positive changes that I have experienced is the fact that my body sometimes self-adjusts; the fact that an adjustment can help me fight off a cold or move through it more quickly, and the great relaxation when I come in for an adjustment." - Anonymous

"A friend referred me to N.C.C. when she noticed I was having a lot of pain resigned to accept it as a fact of growing older. I was very impressed by the first evaluation when I got here. After 6 weeks of treatment and feeling the pain moving around, I got worried. But now, I understand it was for the best. For some reason, my breathing got deeper, my posture improved and my general outlook on life is better! The best thing is that I'm not cranky in the morning anymore because I sleep better through the night. Thank you Dr. Burke!"-Sarah A.

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