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Stress Relief

"I loved coming to the chiropractic clinic and I genuinely believe that my experience has been and still is really beneficial. Previous to coming here, I suffered terrible bouts of anxiety attacks, bit my nails frequently and had sweaty palms. When people think of a chiropractor they usually only associate the term with the back, spine and neck, coming here however proved otherwise. I feel so much more relaxed and all of those awful traits just naturally went away. Also, Dr. Burke has been amazing, and her expertise in this practice is clearly evident and very effective. Take my word, almost any problem, physical or mental can be solved here with no pain, drugs, etc. I  am so glad I came here." - Lia P. Age 16

stress_image_1.jpg"I initially came to Newton Chiropractic to reduce stress in my body that was causing me to have recurrent sore throats. A friend suggested that I come. It did help to reduce the tightness in my throat and shoulders.This second time that I have come for treatment it was due to a rotated hip condition. This has proven to be a chronic condition where I have good days and bad. Sometimes it does get worse before feeling better.I continue to be more aware of my body and how this affects my condition." - Liz C.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Julie Burke's for approximately 13 years. During that time, I have vacillated between periods of frequent adjustments to lapses of several months. When I receive weekly adjustments, my life seems to be more in balance. I choose to get adjusted for various reasons ranging from a specific problem (usually neck tension) to my overall well being. If I go into an adjustment completely stressed out I usually leave feeling as though I have had a two-hour massage. In fact, I find that adjustments relax me more than a full body massage. If I had to explain how Network Therapy has helped me over the years, I would say that it is the first thing I turn to when I fell out of sorts and it is the only thing that seems to get me back on track. It has helped me with a wide range of issues and I would highly recommend Dr. Burke to anyone. - L.G.

"Network chiropractic has had a huge impact on correcting and releasing these problems by readjusting the spine. As a result, I can walk this earth with great posture and no pain ( which I had constantly before). I feel much more calm and relaxed, which has had a great impact in my life, and I handle stress a lot better. The best thing for me has been the ability to breathe freely, something I struggled with all my life, and now I can enjoy a deep breath constantly." - Derek G.

"Just the knowledge that there is a place where I can get help for physical pain caused by physical hard work, or, in addition, hard periods of stress, gives me the assurance that I don't have to go it alone, that I can avoid taking pills against pain. After each adjustment I can walk out taller, stronger, more able to tackle lifes challenges." - R.K.

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